AKINSOFT E-Commerce Systems

Native - IOS & ANDROID Mobile Application

Enjoy high performance use with our functional mobile application that we will design for you.

Ability to Show All Details About Your Site

Ordering - Campaigns and Promotions

Arranging According to User Actions

E-Commerce Mobile App
E-commerce Website


Have You Seen Our Sample E-Commerce Website?

You can preview the page layout that the visitors will see when they enter the website; you can get information about the features of the icons which you will use on home page and other pages.

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E-commerce admin panel

Admin Panel

You can get informed about the settings which fit the bill and see what you can do on the program by checking out E-Commerce panel. Beyond its ease of use, you can also find answers in help files for the questions in your mind.

Username : Admin - Password: Password

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An Excellent E-Commerce Software

Customer-oriented user friendly panel, end user oriented simple and customizable theme, accounting program integration and dozens of prominent features.


Same-Day Installation and Assistance Service

If you have never engaged in E-Commerce before, many questions might come to mind. You can find all the answers by contacting our Solution Partners or E-Commerce R&D unit.


Modular Structure

Another question a beginner in E-Commerce wonders is which packages or modules are needed. Through its modular structure that fits your sector and your needs, AKINSOFT E-Commerce allows you to determine the perfect package for yourself.


Ability To Work With Integration

You can work in integration with virtual stores such as Amazon, and have the advantage of automatically transferring the orders you receive from these virtual stores to the WOLVOX ERP program within minutes. XML, Virtual Pos and payment systems, cargo integrations are also features that will alleviate your workload.