Online Market System

If your customers do not want to go to the shop and get tired, it is time to meet AKINSOFT Online Market Systems.
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Why You Should Use Online Market System?

  • You Have The Opportunity To Reach More Customers.

  • You can open up to new regions by increasing your target customer base.
  • You Can Easily Determine The Products To Add To Your Virtual Store.

  • You can only upload the products you want to your Online Market.
  • Be More Visible and More in the Area You Serve you can earn.

  • You can increase your competitive power by saving on rent, etc.
  • You can set a lower limit for shopping.

  • Average cart amounts converted into sales in order to receive service may reach higher amounts than the customers coming to your store.


Contact us to determine the appropriate package. Quickly define your products to the system and start taking online orders immediately.

How Does the Online Market System Work?

You can transfer your products to your website collectively through the panel, complete the process and start selling immediately. You can integrate your stocks over the software you are using and transfer them to AKINSOFT Online Market System. Thus, you can easily update the products that are newly added to your store and whose prices have changed, instantly through your online market.

Let your customers select the products on your website and add them to the basket. Prepare the orders and deliver them to the delivery address. Increase your earnings by reaching more customers with credit card or cash payment at door options.

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How Will You Know The Order Has Arrived?

You can follow your customers' orders from your panel and receive instant notifications via e-mail.

You can print the orders by checking via the ERP program (WOLVOX ERP) you are using.

Enjoy increasing your sales without missing any order thanks to the order warning system.

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