AKINSOFT E-Commerce Mobile Application

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You can increase your profitability by reaching more users with a mobile application designed specifically for your company.

Why You Should Use AKINSOFT E-Commerce Mobile Application? Increase your user loyalty by accelerating your marketing activities with instant notifications specific to applications. Your customers can easily access your website via both your pc and mobile application.
  • Your customers can search and view products within the application. With the photo zoom feature in your application, they will be able to view the products easily.
  • Your customers will be able to easily find products in the categories you specify in the mobile application by filtering them.
  • With the search field in the mobile application, it helps your customers to find the product they are looking for easily and increases your sales effect.
  • You can announce campaigns and do marketing activities by sending separate notifications to iOS and Android devices through your application.
  • You can easily view the orders received from the mobile application panels. You can also prepare mobile sliders that will increase your sales.
  • You can also use the currency and language options you use on your site in your application.
  • By defining campaigns specific to your application, you can direct your customers to use the application. You can change the campaign validity date according to the demand status.
  • With the Share feature, you can share products on many platforms.
  • You can check statistics with Google analytics and get reports on the number of visitors.
  • You can see the details of your orders and change the status of the orders.
  • You can set different price options for your dealers by making adjustments with the B2b feature, and you can receive payments from this field.
  • You can add icons for menus and categories (free shipping, discount signs) and increase the satisfaction of your users.
  • You can show product pictures in variants, you can increase your sales by showing similar products in the product detail.
  • You can contribute to increase your sales by showing similar products to your customers in product details.
  • You can easily follow up orders from the My Orders section.
  • You can see various statistics about your application and make arrangements according to user behaviors.
  • You can view the information of your members through your mobile application.
  • You can facilitate the notification and approval processes by adding PDP contract confirmation boxes to the registration screen in the application.