What is Google Analytics? What does it do ?

What is Google Analytics? What does it do ?

19 January 2021


In this article, We will try to give you information by focusing on the questionssuch as "What is Google analytics? What does it do for us? How can we use it?". At the end of our article, You will find answers to questions such as "What can you benefit from this free service? How can you setup ? etc."

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free Google service that allows you to measure traffic of your website in an advanced sense, get reports with time-based (between two dates, etc.) comparisons, and convert data into meaningful results.

Why Must Use Google Analytics?

As you all know, without any data at hand, you cannot form your SEO strategies in a healthy way. The Google Analytics tool will be one of your most important helpers at this point.

  • With this application, you can follow the SEO work on your website and easily analyze whether your keywords are working or not. 
  • If you are managing an e-commerce site, you can find out the missing points of your website and work to improve these areas. 
  • You can see the number of visitors coming to your website, you can make target audience analysis and make updates according to this analysis. 
  • You can clearly see the rate of visitors to your site staying on your site, the average time they spend on the site and which pages they are browsing.


How to Set Up Google Analytics?

First of all, you should log in to "https://analytics.google.com/" with your Google account and click the sign up button.

After completing the registration by following the relevant steps, you will be given a code to add to your site. All you have to do is place the code on the pages between the tags of your site.
The thing to remember is that the Google Analytics code should be placed on all pages. (The page where the sale is, the page where the return is made, etc.) After completing all these steps, you can now have information about the users who enter your website, analyze their behavior, perform studies according to these behaviors and create customer loyalty.

If you wish, you can access detailed and comprehensive data by choosing one of our e-commerce packages and integrating the google analytics application to your website.

To get information about all our e-commerce packages, you can contact us at +90 444 40 80. You can fill out our form by taking just a few minutes and try our free demo panel for 15 days.

We would like to state that we will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have. Hope to see you in better days.

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